We'll help you go from being just a "graphic designer" to a highly paid creative brand strategist earning 5-10x more per client in 30 days or less, guaranteed.

We'll give you the exact framework and tools you need to transform your mindset, offer, and the value you bring to clients and start landing $10k+ clients fast!

What We Do

Hi, I'm Steve Reed!

I'm a 20+ year veteran of the creative industry, and I designed an amazing system for creative entrepreneurs just like you. If you're like most of my clients, you love what you do, but you're either:

A) 😩 Constantly on the hustle, scouring UpWork and similar sites for new projects and being forced to compete on price.

B) 😭 Finding consistent work but attracting too many low-paying clients who don’t appreciate your work and expect miracles for pennies.

If your current business growth strategies are draining both your pockets and your creative energy, it’s time for a change.

I'll help you go from being “just” a graphic designer to a highly paid Creative Brand Strategist, allowing you to land high-ticket clients, work 50% less while earning 5-10x more, and tap into a proven framework that helps your clients use design to effectively connect with their ideal customers - instantly positioning you as a trusted authority and a valuable partner.

I'll give you my B3T Framework and show you step-by-step how to implement it to ensure results regardless of your skill level.

It’s time to shed the constant hustle and the income roller coaster and finally attract consistent high-ticket projects, so you can do what you love without overwhelming frustration or going broke in the process.

How We Do It

Introducing: "The B3T Framework," a system that can take you to an elite branding agency in 30 days or less.

Phase 1

Most creative entrepreneurs get stuck doing the grunt work and are a slave to a desk. They don't know any better, and so they don't do better.

It's like being in an invisible prison when you lack the knowledge to do what it takes to make more money and take things to the next level.

Whether it’s self-doubt, lack of confidence that the market will pay, or simply a lack of how to get started, they don’t feel like they have the tools to charge more. So, they stay in order-taking mode, designing whatever the client thinks they should have for their business.

All that ends now. The first key to your success is understanding and adopting the mentality of a winning professional, and once you have that in place, anything becomes possible.

Without this, you'll remain where you are and continue struggling for years to come.

We will reframe your messaging, proposals, and all of your marketing to communicate your true value. Get ready to level up and confidently close 5 figure clients with ease.

Phase 2

In phase two you’ll learn how to engage clients like a pro and weed out the bad from the good. It's time to stop selling creative work like a commodity.

With your new confidence and skills, it’s time to get to work. You’ll resume client prospecting following your new positioning.

We’ll show how to frame your outreach, how to compelling value that Clients are actually grateful for, and how to find opportunities for upsells and ongoing engagement.

When your clients turn into raving fans who punch in their credit card details for your services time and time again, you escape the cheap-hourly gigs and spend more of your time doing what you do best; creating and having an impact on the world.

You’ll find clients who desperately need your skills and are willing to pay good money for them. And we’ll walk you through the engagement process to get in front of them, and position yourself as a respected, expert professional.

That means from the very first day you unlock more work, more money, and deliver even more value to your clients… regardless of your current skill level.

Phase 3

Finally, in phase three, you’ll unlock new high-demand branding skills and tools that will transform you into a very profitable agency.

Most graphic designers don't think beyond just the logo or just the design and this is a mistake for them and their clients.

I'm sharing the exact proprietary B3T Framework I use to land high-paying clients and run them using my ClientOS system that I'll share with you.

Your clients deserve better than that, which is why we begin by repositioning your entire brand, taking you from being ‘just’ a graphic designer to a valued brand strategist that can provide a full business branding strategy that gets results.

The fastest path to growth is to unlock the tens of thousands of dollars waiting for you inside each and every project.

Instead of quoting your existing clients and prospects for ‘just’ a logo or a website, we’ll show you exactly how to diagnose your client’s real needs and present the solution in a way that positions you as a trusted authority and the ONLY expert they need for ALL of their branding needs.

🔥🔥🔥 THE END RESULT: A solid framework that instantly unlocks thousands of dollars from your clients, breaks you free from the shackles of low-paid hourly gigs, and positions you to attract high-paying clients in the next 30 days.

Who Is This For?

We work with Logo Creators, Freelance Graphic Designers, and other creative entrepreneurs who lack the knowledge on how to unlock agency-level profits.

😩 So if you're tired of:

  • Struggling to find quality clients
  • Getting underpaid
  • Winging it and feeling 'in over your head'
  • Wondering if your work is "good enough"
  • Worrying about where the next project will come from
  • Feeling like you haven't made the progress you're proud of
  • Seeing creative with less skill than you build successful businesses

👉 Then this is for you. The B3T Framework will give you everything you need to create the highly profitable and sustainable creative design business you deserve.

Why The "B3T Framework?"

Make more money with less clients by positioning yourself as a branding expert with powerful tools.

Get off the income rollercoaster and land consistent $10k+ high-ticket deals.

Use a proven framework to bring insane value to your clients while lining your pockets with Benjamins.

Enjoy the liberty of working remotely as free and independent business owner. MURICA! 🇺🇸

Why You Should Book a Call

Here are the facts: The graphic design industry Is worth $41.8 BILLION and is expected To grow 5.5% through 2022… With the skills you’ve been given, why play the small game? Why settle for only a miserable slither of the pie?

Why not tap into a proven framework to escape the low-paying gigs and feast or famine income for good?

If you not earning AT LEAST $5000 - $10,000 dollars per project, and creating residual income, or you find yourself spending hours competing for the same cheap gigs every other pixel-pusher is exhausting themselves with, it’s time to snap out of it and make a real change in your business.

Because this could EASILY be the most pivotal moment in your business.

One way you can go from here is to do nothing; to not book a call and spend that time just to continue experiencing more of the same year in and year out.

That’s a choice… but it's also a decision to leave tens of thousands on the table you could collect over the new few weeks, months, and years.

If you’re happy leaving that much money on the table, and you don’t mind working for nightmare clients at rock-bottom prices, hoping one day that something might get better… then do nothing.

But the other way you can go down is to take a ZERO risk chance on unlocking thousands of dollars hidden with your clients, escaping the graphic designer rat race, and enjoy positioning yourself to attract high-paying clients you can confidently deliver for, all in the next 30 days.

Don’t let doubt hold you back from what could be.

Don’t look back months from now with regrets you chose not to book this call.

Don’t leave tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, on the table.

Take one small step in transforming your profits, business, and life.

Click the button below, and I can’t wait to meet you,

– Steve

What Our Clients Have to Say

"The B3T Framework Course has really helped me understand the core essential basics and beyond of running an agency and has given me incredible ideas that I have been able to put my own twists on. I have immensely expanded my knowledge in business and in my agency thanks to this course."

– Sariah R.

"The value the B3T Framework has brought to me is ridiculous. It has allowed me to fully understand my agency and my potential in a way that only this course could show me. Going through the zoom meetings with Steve personally and going through the course myself has equipped me with insane knowledge and the confidence I need to really explode. Thank you Remote Creative!"

– Jacob C.

"The B3T Framework is MINDBLOWING! It truly is a game-changer! So many things I didn't even think of, may not have ever thought of, or realized for years down the road. Steve's experience and expertise is priceless and he provides so much depth into this industry. It is exactly what it is, a framework to success for the creative and the customer. Everyone needs this framework for their business and every creative needs this framework to launch their business to whole other level."

– Samantha H.

Ready to Make a Massive Change in Your Life?

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